Russian mandolin ensemble with Calace instruments, 1910’s

Faust rimembranze Graziani Walter Ginislao Paris copy2

Carlo Graziani-Walter’s dedication to Ginislao Paris (image courtesy Maestro Ugo Orlandi)

Sistema Ginislao Paris

“Sistema Ginislao Paris” label


Musical Instruments shop of V. Kastner in Voronezh (label inside Puglisi mandolin)

2813989720 copy

Julius Heinrich Zimmermann label



Label Lemberg Lekae and Co

1916 Lemberg Lekae and Co, Moscow label (sucessor to Zimmerman’s business in Russia after WWI)

ovenberg copy

Serenade de Nuit by A. Ovenberg cover

zimm zimmermann_pricesheet

J.H. Zimmermann Musical Instruments Catalogues Covers

picy copy

Old Russian photo, a man from Central Asia with mandolin


1909 Colorized Russian photo

picy2 copy

Pre-1917 Russian photo