Embergher Custom Instruments


Luigi Embergher’s workshop not only made  new instruments. It also repaired the ones brought in by the customers, exactly as other luthiers often did and still do.

The instrument below was made by the famous Pasquale Vinaccia in Naples in 1877. By the 1903 it needed a repair and it was brought into Luigi Embergher’s workshop. It has been re-topped by Embergher in his own distinctive style. It has also received a new fretboard there.

It is beautifully playable and is in a very good condition after all those years. This unique and one of a kind instrument is a true gem of my small collection.

IMG_20230422_141954 IMG_20230422_141959 IMG_20230422_142015 IMG_20230422_142030 IMG_20230422_142034 IMG_20230422_142108 IMG_20230422_142137IMG_20230421_135618

Another custom instrument in my collection is 1897 Luigi Embergher Orchestra No. 3 model that has an extra tortoise shell scratch plate added by Embergher under the standard one, probably at the request of a client.  Gold leaf was used as an underlay. The body is made of 31+2 fluted rosewood staves. The instrument has been restored to perfection by Fabio Bonardi in Brescia.

IMG-20230128-WA0009 IMG-20230128-WA0010 IMG-20230128-WA0011 IMG-20230128-WA0012 IMG-20230128-WA0013 IMG-20230128-WA0022

The following 1910  Embergher Orchestra No.3 instrument from my collection has a rare custom fretboard, note the widening under the second pair of strings in the fretboard extention. Only a few Embergher instruments with that feature are currently known. The instrument was made specially for J.H. Zimmermann, a large scale German/Russian musical instrument dealer and has an added label over the original Embergher’s. The body is made of 30+2 fluted rosewood staves. This mandolin has also been expertly restored to perfection by Fabio Bonardi in Brescia.

IMG_9490 IMG_9492IMG_9484


All three instruments have signatures of Luigi Embergher inside.